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Centre Township, PA Septic Pumping by Scott Bailey's Berks Septic Service

Pumping Centre Township Septic Tanks And More!

We're Scott Bailey's Berks Septic Service and we provide professional, prompt, friendly and affordable septic pumping services in Centre Township and other towns and communities in and around Berks County, Pennsylvania. If you are looking for septic tank cleaning or pumping services "near me," or if you have a holding tank and it's time to pump your tank, look no further: we're ready to serve you!

Septic Alarm Going Off In Centre Township?

Is your septic alarm going off? Critical alert! Your septic alarm is warning you about a probable emergency situation, and immediate attention is required to prevent a septic backup into your home! And no one wants that to happen! On our Septic Alarms page we explain what is going on, and what we can do to help you!

Scott Bailey's Berks Septic Service

We Do More Than Just Clean and Pump Septic And Holding Tanks In Centre Township

At Berks Septic Service, owned and operated by Scott Bailey, we do more than pump septic tanks; we're a full service septic system company. In addition to offering pumping services in Centre Township, we perform expert septic inspections, maintain and repair residential septic systems, and we provide consultations where we accurately diagnose the causes of any septic and sewage problems. We're qualified to service and repair all of your septic system needs in Centre Township, and we work closely with septic officials and sewage enforcement officers to assist homeowners in complying with all local township and Pennsylvania septic management requirements and regulations.

Call Us To Schedule Septic Pumping in Centre Township

If you would like to schedule pumping of your septic tanks, or diagnosis and repair your septic system in Centre Township, or if you have other questions about our services, call us today!

(610) 621-6197

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Thank you for your prompt service and dedication to your work. The sellers have endured lots of issues getting their house ready for settlement and this one was especially challenging. I am always confident when you are in charge of a project - I can feel with certainty that it will be completed on time and within budget. Thank you Scott. You are the best!"  

Randy Weeber, RE/MAX of Reading

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