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  • Septic Pumping and Repairs, Including Effluent Pump Replacement in Sand Mound Systems
  • Serving All of Berks County plus parts of Chester, Montgomery, Lancaster, Lehigh and Schuylkill Counties
  • Installation and Maintenance of Septic Systems
  • Septic System Inspections in Real Estate Transactions, Hydraulic Load Tests, Wastewater Management and Consulting
  • 4th Generation Expertise - Caring For Septic Systems Since 1935

Pumping Of Septic Tanks And Systems

We Provide Pumping Excellence In:

  • Septic tank, holding tank and cesspool pumping
  • Grease trap service

Our Technicians Evaluate Your System As A Part Of Every Pumping

Scott Bailey's Berks Septic Service

With every pumping service, our technicians also evaluate your system for existing or potential problems. We don't just pump and run! We check for things like the flow of liquid through the building sewer, the condition of the inspection port and access to the septic tank, and the presence of any tree roots that might interfere with the function of the septic system. We evaluate the overall condition of the tank, the inlet and outlet baffles, the float and electrical connections, and we are alert for any visible signs of lush vegetation or surface discharge, and any signs of previous system failure.

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"Thank you for your prompt service and dedication to your work. The sellers have endured lots of issues getting their house ready for settlement and this one was especially challenging. I am always confident when you are in charge of a project - I can feel with certainty that it will be completed on time and within budget. Thank you Scott. You are the best!"  

Randy Weeber, RE/MAX of Reading

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