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Repairs Of Septic Systems

Septic System Repairs - Experience The Difference!

No matter how big or small, or major or minor, your septic system problems are, we can take care of them. We use a video inspection camera and a locating device to find and view any type of clog or pipe problems, and we can accurately locate almost any underground system component. We also have high pressure jetting equipment to clean pipes and laterals in your septic system.

Here are some of the septic pumping and repair services we offer:

  • Septic Tank, Holding and Grease Trap Cleaning: Serving both residential and commercial clients, trained technicians using modern vacuum technology and equipment.
  • Pump Replacement - Did Your Septic Alarm Sound? If your septic alarm sounded, it's because your effluent pump did not start when it should have! The effluent pump in the pump tank (also called dose tank) has an important function: it is required to pump the wastewater uphill to your sand mound or elevated drain field. Effluent pumps have to function in the harsh environment of the pump tank, and they're built tough for that reason. Effluent pumps last a long time, but they don't last forever! We can troubleshoot to determine the reason the effluent pump did not start when it should have, and we can make the necessary repairs and even replace the pump if it has failed.
  • Risers Installed (manhole covers):§ Do you have to dig up the septic tank lids before the tanks can be pumped? Simply put, risers are extensions from the septic tank to the surface or grade level. If your home was built before approximately 2000, your septic tank lids might be as much as several feet below grade. We can locate the lid and install risers so that you never again have to dig for pumping or repairs. Installing a riser or manhole extension usually requires locating the septic tank and the lid, minor digging or excavation, riser material, lid and sealant.
  • High Pressure Drain Field Restoration and Rejuvenation: Foul Odors? Wet spots in your yard? We can help! With the use of modern sewer video equipment we can locate key components of your system. Minor excavation is usually required. Once located, these components will be visually inspected for structural integrity and original design intention, distribution, flows, etc. With the use of high pressure sewer jetting equipment we can clean the distribution laterals which make up your absorption area or drain field. Environmentally-friendly products can be introduced into the system directly to your drain field for best results. The septic tank is cleaned to give the drain field a natural break from the sewage effluent that enters the system on a daily basis. System or drain field rejuvenation is a more cost effective approach to restore and maintain your system prior to signs of failure or the need for total system replacement.
  • Hydraulic Load Tests: A 2-3 day test depending on the type of system, condition or results. The hydraulic load test determines if an absorption area can satisfactorily receive and allow to pass into the soil and environment the daily volume of sewage effluent that the prevailing regulatory authority assigns to a structure based on occupancy, number of bedrooms or other regulatory factors.
  • Septic Tank, Drain Field and Pump Repairs: Tanks located, new tanks installed, baffle replacements, sewer lines and trap pipes unclogged, distribution boxes located, leveled and replaced, drain field rejuvenation, broken pipes located and fixed, pumps and pump controls repaired and replaced.
  • Septic Systems Designed and Installed: We work with local township Sewage Enforcement Officers, engineers and designers, conduct perk and probe testing, and install on-site wastewater treatment systems and septic systems.
  • Excavating Services: Modern equipment, experienced operators - final grading and seeding available - we can restore your property or yard to its original condition.
  • Sewer and Drain Cleaning: High pressure water jets and cables are used to clean and open your drain lines and pipes. Interior and exterior lines up to 4 inches in diameter. We also offer restoration and cleaning of the back-up location.
  • Tank, System and Line Locating: System or component location can typically be done thru a simple probing technique. In some cases a more invasive procedure is needed. This may require some minor excavation and the use of sewer video camera and locating devices.
  • Video Pipe Inspections: Modern sewer video equipment is utilized to inspect the interior of a sewer or waste line. Exact distances can be verified. Exact sections or breaks can be located and the entire video can be burned to a CD for future viewing.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Thank you for your prompt service and dedication to your work. The sellers have endured lots of issues getting their house ready for settlement and this one was especially challenging. I am always confident when you are in charge of a project - I can feel with certainty that it will be completed on time and within budget. Thank you Scott. You are the best!"  

Randy Weeber, RE/MAX of Reading

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